What about having a look inspired such as Versace for your store?  But you don’t have any idea of where to buy new displays and showcases with that style!

We can offer you lots of solutions to have your products  have a perfect fit thanks to customizability and personal phone assistance. Just as Versace did in their stores in LA, you can trust us and the details such as safety glass for all showcases including the shelves, safety locks for all drawers, doors and storage areas, and LED lighting for all display areas..

Counter Display Showcases

Counter Display Cases

Tower Showcases for museums and galleries

Our selection of tower showcases is pretty extensive and very colorful.  We are able to design and manufacture all of these tower display cabinets in various sizes and we are also able to customize them as well.  Below are a few examples of free standing and floor display cases we have made recently for museums all across the USA.

Tower Display Cabinets

Tower Showcases

Tower Glass Cabinets

Tower Museum Display Cases


Beautiful mannequin display cases, that are custom made, do not have to cost that much as some might believe.

Our mannequin showcases are made using high quality aluminum extrusion and very durable laminate or painted panels.

Our production time lines are approximately 3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery and this counts for all of the USA.

Some photo’s below will show you the kind of display cases we make.

The Management.

Mannequin Display Cabinets

Mannequin Showcases

Jewelry Tower Display Cases

Our museum quality glass display cases have been particularly popular with our jewelry business owners across  the USA and Canada.

Some examples have been attached below.

Counter Display Cabinets

These counters display cases were completed today and will be shipped tomorrow to Mississippi USA.



Our costume display cases are by far one of our more popular designs.  Take a look at some of the mannequin display cabinets we have made recently.  Most of these were made for the US Navy!



Please review the link below for all the laminate colors and finishes that are available for all of our display case designs.



Wall Mounted Glass Display Cases – Made in the USA

Our line of wall mounted and suspended glass display cabinets are manufactured at our state of the art factory located in Laredo Texas.  We currently employ 18 carpenters 5 glass and 12 aluminum workers.   Most of our workers are highly skilled and on average each worker has 9.4 years of experience.

Starting this May, we will be building our own showroom that is expected to be done at the end of June.  This museum will highlight some of the things we can and have made over the last few years.

For more information about our selection of Wall Mounted Showcases, please email or call us.




Rocky Jewelry – Boston USA

When Mark of Rocky Jewelry called us, we needed to come with a very minimal looking display case that was perfect for exhibits but also in a store locations throughout the USA.  This new design might surprise some a little but the customer was extremely happy with the final result.


COUNTER DISPLAY CASES – 185 units Delivered to Dallas Texas

At Custom Vitrines we do a lot of custom work but now and again we do a big run of more common kinds of display cases as well.

For example..a big display case rental company located in Dallas Texas purchased 185 counters from us 2 month ago.  The 2 designs are listed below and were delivered late last week.

A happy customer!!!