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Jewelry Tower Display Cases

Our museum quality glass display cases have been particularly popular with our jewelry business owners across  the USA and Canada.

Some examples have been attached below.

Tower Showcases 467 - email


Counter Display Cabinets

These counters display cases were completed today and will be shipped tomorrow to Mississippi USA.

Counter Showcasesd

Counter Display Cases

Counter Display Showcase 360 Counter Display Showcase 324


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Follow the Leads


Follow the Leads

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Calanit Atia

Everyone knows that capitalizing on leads after a tradeshow is essential. But knowing and doing are two different things. Most companies can do better at following up. When I first started my company A to Z Events, we exhibited at the Exhibitor show (now ExhibitorLive). We did not do a good job on follow-up. Granted, that was 15 years ago before social media, but we still could have done a better job.

Follow the Leads pic

Regardless, I like to remember that event because I use it as a learning experience. Now I try to give my exhibitors ideas how to follow up with their clients in order to get closer to closing the deal.

The number-one tool I emphasize for follow-up is social media. You must utilize social media to follow up with your attendees. Many people still use only newsletters and sales phone calls—which are fine—but they are missing the big avenue that is social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn is my favorite tool because people are open to conducting business on it. That, in itself, gets you in the door. Most important, on LinkedIn, once someone approves you, you are connected, unlike Twitter, where you have to wait for them to follow you.

When I give lectures about social media, I recommend that my listeners add everyone they meet to their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Many of those adds may not be direct clients, but they might be able to refer you to other people they know. You should always be increasing your brand and reputation.

Twitter is a great way to jump-start the conversation. One way to motivate people to follow you is by Tweeting them: “Pleasure meeting you at #ExhibitorLive. Please follow me to receive updates, discounts and gifts,” or “Follow us to get a great book as a gift.”

The constant connectivity will assist you with sales, especially since it will increase familiarization with your brand. Think about it: If you see someone every day on social media, when you have a need for their services you will remember them—and probably call them for a quote. Social media is just another tool in the sales process that must be included in today’s world.

Another way to follow up with your leads is using pictures in your email marketing. Your clients might not open a newsletter or a thank you note, but they will open an email with their pictures. Recently, we hired Mike Tyson for an exhibitor. We had a professional photographer take pictures. The exhibitor followed up with an email subject line that read: “Your picture with Mike Tyson.” How many people do you think opened that email? Would it surprise you if I told you that 100 percent opened it?

Tyson is high profile, but this applies to less expensive talent as well. People like to receive their pictures—especially if they are with a gorgeous showgirl or an Elvis impersonator.

I highly recommend from now on that you take pictures of attendees with your camera—please use a good one, not your phone—and email it to them. Tip: The easiest way to keep track is to take a picture of them and their badge so you will know who they are. Trust me, I have been an event planner and talent agent for 20 years. You will be amazed by the results.

This is Calanit wishing you happy hunting.


Our costume display cases are by far one of our more popular designs.  Take a look at some of the mannequin display cabinets we have made recently.  Most of these were made for the US Navy!

Mannequin Showcase 170 - small Mannequin Showcase 188


Please review the link below for all the laminate colors and finishes that are available for all of our display case designs.




Wall Mounted Glass Display Cases – Made in the USA

Our line of wall mounted and suspended glass display cabinets are manufactured at our state of the art factory located in Laredo Texas.  We currently employ 18 carpenters 5 glass and 12 aluminum workers.   Most of our workers are highly skilled and on average each worker has 9.4 years of experience.

Starting this May, we will be building our own showroom that is expected to be done at the end of June.  This museum will highlight some of the things we can and have made over the last few years.

For more information about our selection of Wall Mounted Showcases, please email or call us.


Wall Mounted Display Cases

  Wall Cases

Wall Hanging Glass Cabinets

Wall Hanging Showcases

Wall Mounted Showcases

Wall Mounted Display Cases



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